An authentic online presence takes up a lot of time, yet demands your full attention. In today’s business culture, not having multiple platforms speaking and communicating on your brand’s behalf is almost unheard of. The online community demands that it’s personal and honest, a true reflection of your brand personality.

Simply Written can manage, create and conceptualise your social media presence on every chosen platform, taking complete control of building your online presence while allowing you more time to get back to doing what you love most.


The most important aspect of social media management is for me to fully understand and know your business in order to create the perfect voice for your brand personality and know how to interact with your preferred audience.

Our first step towards this understanding will be a fun sheet you’ll have to complete, to help me get to know your brand a little bit better. After extensive research on your brand and analysing your current social media platforms, we’ll start this online adventure together with the help of a platform I will provide.

There are a few different social media management packages to choose from, all custom created to suit your requirements best.

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