December has always been my favourite month of the year for all the various cliché reasons out there, but I’m fine with it and I still look forward to Christmas each year like my eight-year-old self. This year will be spent a little different than the last 10 or so, but adventures around our home town are plentiful and even just being at home watching a marathon of Christmas movies (and of course, eating gingerbread cookies like they’ve gone on sale!) will make this holiday a successful one.

So for now, before I close my 2016 diary and start penning ideas into the new one, I need to wish you a beautiful December holiday and share my last blog post for the year on a very personal note.

A while back, George and I and our two dogs took a trip up to Kaapschehoop where we met the lovely Julia Winkler for a fun afternoon between big old trees and golden fields. When Julia reached out to me earlier this year, I just couldn’t say no as I’ve been stalking her work for years. Besides, our hallway wall needed a serious update! I’ve never officially shared these, but you might have seen them here or there on social media. Here is some of my favourites and you bet I’m going to hang them on the wall in between my Christmas movie breaks!

I hope you have an unforgettable Summer (or if you’re lucky a beautiful white Christmas!) and I cannot wait to get back into all things creative in the new year.

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