I can’t believe we’re already into our third week of the new year while I’m still trying to let go of my Christmas tree lights and that sweet all-around cinnamon smell! At the end of last year I promised myself a lot of things, personally and spiritually, but also in my everyday working life and I’m swallowing hard here just by admitting that I’ve already missed some of those dreams.

When I got back in the office, put my game face on and stared at my to-do lists, I had no idea where to start or how I am going to make this year different from last year. Better. More productive. More focused and more intentional.

As I scrolled through Instagram for the 100th time (because that’s what we procrastinators do!) I saw another post from Lara Casey and her goal setting series (which I absolutely love by the way!)
I so badly wanted to join in on all the fun, work through her powersheets and just get all those dang ducks in a row!
But, knowing that number one, we live in South Africa so shipping costs and the currency exchange would make it so hard to buy her goal planner, I decided that number two, I’ll make do and actually put time aside to get some goals down on paper through a 5-part exercise she provided on her blog.

And friends, I’m not talking about the oh-it’s-January-I-need-to-do-stuff kind of goals, or resolutions or whatever name you want to give it. I’m talking about intentional, purposeful milestones I want to reach that cultivates what matters in life.
And I actually did it! It doesn’t matter if it takes you a while to get those goals on paper, just making time to do this for yourself is already one huge step forward towards a happier and more cultivated year ahead. I took 2 hours from my day for a week to do this and it’s really all you need.

Those who saw my post on my personal Instagram about my chosen word for the year being HONEST, would have a little glimpse of what this process entails already.
And oh, it felt so good.

I still have a lot of plans for this year and dreams waiting upon my attention but to know that there are three (almost four!) things that I really want to pour my heart into this year, makes this year already a different one from 2016.

So, if you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed being back in the office, or you just need someone to guide you through a really fun and creative process to get some goals down on paper, head on over to laracasey.com and have some fun!

And Ps. I’d SO love to hear your word for the year (which you’ll find in part 3 by the way – spoiler alert!) so please tag me in your posts so I can read them and celebrate your word with you.

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