Running your own business from home is hard, I know, and being motivated 100% of the time is nearly next to impossible. I had a friendly conversation with a close friend and fellow creative a few days ago and we were so surprised when we realised that we’re both sitting in the same boat, experiencing the same oh-you-thought-this-was-gonna-be-easy emotions of a quiet month and a little downtime.
(By the way, the official definition of downtime┬áis: “a time during which a machine, especially a computer, is out of action or unavailable for use” to which I laughed so hard because this is exactly how I’m feeling at the moment!)

These 5 tools encourage me to start when motivation is low or when I simply need to get things done! Most of them are free and I use them every day, it’s been the result of many happy days in the office. You’re welcome!

1. Grammarly

Your saving grace for writer’s block! Grammarly is an online grammar checker tool that assists you in grammar errors, detecting plagiarism, improving text and heightens meaning and clarity. For any form of writing, I use Grammarly to make sure all grammar issues are cancelled and that words I use too often is replaced by something that describes what I want to say, better. Signing up is free, but upgrading to a premium paid account will give you extra features like professional proofreading, vocabulary enhancement and checking plagiarism.
It’s very simple to use and offers you the option to either start with a new page or upload something you’ve already worked on.
Make sure you mark this one as a favourite!

2. Trello

What workflow dreams are made of! Trello has been my saving grace for deadlines and planning ahead. It’s so easy to use, could be shared with different people and teams you’re working with and allows you to upload any image, file or document to a board. It’s free (again with the option to update to Trello Gold for a fuller experience), and also has an IOS and Android app you could download for easy access at your fingertips to your workflow and projects.



3. Freshbooks

As someone with a very creative mind, I knew that I needed a professional in charge of my bookkeeping and making sure my financials are tracked and taking care of. Freshbooks is the easiest and most user-friendly bookkeeping tool I’ve come across and gave me so much peace of mind from the start.
It allows you to send personalised invoices and keeps track of all your incomes and outcomes, all the while everything is stored in a cloud-based system that could be accessed from wherever you are. It’s perfect for small and client-service businesses that get paid for their time and expertise.

4. Grum.co

For any Instagram enthusiast like me, Grum just became your best friend! I manage a lot of other Instagram profiles and before Instagram added their easy switch between profiles, I really struggled to post beautiful content on various profiles. Grum is not free, unfortunately, but definitely worth every cent! It allows you to schedule Instagram posts directly on the web, making it easier to upload your professional photos from your computer. It updates your profile with any comments and likes, gives you all the image size options as in the app and is really easy to use. It’s fairly new, so they haven’t introduced automatically recognising tags yet, but I’ve been in touch with their team and it is underway to be launched before the end of the year.
I’ve tried and tested a view scheduling tools before, but nothing works quite as good as this one.

5. Canva

You’re not a designer but you have a good eye for detail and how things fit – say hello to Canva! Canva is an online designing tool made simple for the everyday user. With their thousands of ready-to-go templates, you can choose between an existing design and change it up or custom-make your own. From Facebook cover images to invitations to presentations, there’s so many options to choose from and their designs are frequently updated to give you new and beautiful creations to work with.

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